Traditional media is an important part of our process. And so is honesty. We do a lot of things well, like branding, packaging design, web design, illustration and publication design. But there’s also a lot that we're still happily learning about, like animation and 3D modelling. 
We like to meet our clients in person, which is easiest in Budapest because our office is here, but this hasn’t stopped us from working on exciting international projects from New York to Tehran. Thanks to our wanderlust, travelling to these destinations hasn't posed any obstacles either.
The design studio was founded by designer Dia Ghyczy, with a goal to create a space where she could work in a small group with and also build a network of talented people that are a joy to work with.
Ants are small animals, but doing a lot together. 

if you think that it would be good to talk, don't hesitate to write us!

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