Archikids Budapest

Archikids is a well known and renowned architectural program for kids, originally from London. In Hungary, the KÉK Contemporary Architectural Center organized its first similar event under the name Archikids Városálmodók on the 25th and 26th of October and planning many others to come. The festival aims to let children participate playfully and interactively in the designing process of a city and to make architecture and urban planning more approachable for them. 

Our goal with the design was to create a modular system including different elements of a city, both architectural and natural, drawn in a simple and colorful style. We used primary colors and simple shapes to attract to our young audience.  This system, sort of like a block building game, allows both us and the children to create variations of an imaginary city.  We designed the branding components, using these variations combined with typographic elements. Also, using this grid, it's easy to design new elements and implement some changes for future versions of the Archikids festival.
Client: KÉK Kortárs Építészeti Központ
Design: Ant Works
Graphic design: Diana Ghyczy and Dániel Máté

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