BerryBon - The vitamin bonbon design

My clients asked me to design a logo and packaging for an amazing product. BerryBon is a healthy and delicious bonbon, not only because it was made from the best quality raw materials. This is their own recipe: every bonbon contains enough vitamin D to almost cover the daily needs of an adult.

Kun Judit and Szántó Gábor created the brand strategy: they wanted to communicate differently, than an average chocolate brand does. The brand essence is the unexpectedness, because it's not a simple dessert: unexpected taste (because of the lightly sour red fruit filling), the qualities (bonbon with vitamin? wow!) and the communication as well. So the slogan became: Unexpect everything!

My task was to design a logo for the 'Berrybon - The vitamin Bonbon' brand name. Than a packaging which has a little trick and mirrors the slogan. 

Founders: Áth-Horváth Zsóka and Magyar Kata
Brand strategy: Kun Judit and Szántó Gábor
Design: Ghyczy Dia
Photos: Kovács Kati
These are some early concepts of the logo:
The final logo:
Early drawings for the pattern of the packaging:
Final random pattern:
The slogan appears like this:

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