Bonbonbon wooden box packaging
New packaging design for the modern, raw & vegan desserts
The story:

Our bonbons needed a new system in which they can be stored and served in coffee shops as well. We teamed up with Zsófi to help us create the new packaging for this occasion.
The result of our joint forces became a hand crafted (bonbon) box made from cherry wood, while the paper packaging is coated with greaseproof folia from the inside. During the photo shooting we carried through the entire evolution of the final packaging once again (and had fun doing that).

Both the wooden and the take away packaging will be available soon in selected coffee shops, in Budapest. 

Packaging design: Zsofi Ujhelyi
Graphic design: Dia Ghyczy
Photos and bonbons: Dorka Meleg

About Bonbonbon:

Our (Dorka's and Dia's) original idea was to recreate a dessert everybody knows and loves in a simple, healthy way. This was the infamous coconut ball! We kept the original shape but revolutionised the ingredients. Walnut, almond, coconut oil and raw materials are being used. Each bonbon is hand made, raw, vegan, gluten and sugar free, using unique packaging, design and taste depending on occasion and on seasonal fresh ingredients

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