Community Space for Elderly - branding and guidance system

In 2019 the Downtown Elder Club of Falk Miksa street was moved to a new place in Balassi Bálint street. As a result of this, the institute needed a new branding as well as a new signage system.

Our aim with the design of the logo was to create an emblem, emphasizing the community aspect of the institution and represent old age as a positive and active period.

During the design of the signage system, we concentrated on creating cheerful, brand-related pictograms and signages with good readability to increase the everyday usability of the space. To achieve this we worked with service designer Judit Kun and took into several club members to participate in testing. With their user experience we created a signage system not just usable in everyday life but one that members of the club could relate to.

Downtown Elder Club Budapest:

Client: Downtown Elder Club Budapest
Design: Ant Works
Graphic design: Diana Ghyczy and Dániel Máté
Service design: Judit Kun
Photography: Gábor Valuska

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