Rebrand of The Friss Hús International Short Film Festival Budapest

The Friss Hús International Film Festival took place in 2022 for the 10th time. On this occasion, it underwent a complete facelift, which we were asked to do. 
In any case, we wanted to introduce a symbol into the image that has nothing to do with meat (referring to the name, which means new meat). The choice fell on the lion, because it is one of the symbols of Budapest (coat of arms, Chain Bridge), and because the festival jumps like a predator to discover fresh talents.
The typography consists of individually drawn letters, and its style is echoed in the visual elements as well.
We also developed the on-site elements, the website, a 100-page festival magazine, online advertising materials, certificates and logo animation.

Photography: Oláh Gergely Máté
Art director: Diana Ghyczy Studio Ant Works
Graphic designer: Dániel Máté, Zoltán Bukovics

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