Holdampf Linda Stylist branding

Linda is a Hungarian stylist, Tv personal, and influencer. She asked us to create the visual branding for her Stylist brand. As it's such a personal brand, we designed the visual identity to go by Linda's style. We designed an elegant logotype by pairing a bold sans serif Didone font with a thin, extended handwritten lettering. This combination results in an elegant but also playful logo.

We completed the designs by creating several lively and colorful patterns to go by Linda's elegant but playful style. The abstract designs use bold and vibrant colors as well as a diverse group of visual styles and textures to match Linda's eclectic stylistic approach.

It all comes alive in the prints. We designed business cards, cloth tags, and gift cards. All design is silkscreen printed to a thick, smooth, white paper in vibrant pink and deep red. We paired these daring images with the elegant logotype to create a bold but balanced-out visual identity.

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