IDEAS Boutique Events brand identity
The task
IDEAS Boutique Events is an event planning agency founded with the aim to plan and execute thematic events tailored to individual needs with attention to every detail.
Every event is a small universe built around one specific theme or idea.
You can step back in time to a roaring party of the 20’s or wander around in the set of a Hollywood themed birthday.
The very first task was to create brand identity that reflects this precision and commitment to high quality and excellence.

The logo
Every idea begins as a tiny thought. Both the good and the bad ones. 
But while the bad ones disappear, the good ones start to grow and spread, just like rings in the water when you throw a tiny stone in it. They are followed by new thoughts and exciting new ideas. 
This was the main idea behind the emblem that centers around the elegant typographic logo.
IDEAS Boutique Events puts emphasis on details and carefully manufactured decoration during the events, and it was really important for the company to have similarly high quality business cards, envelopes and letter papers. So everything was made with letterpress technology to meet these expectations.
The brand colours are the very sophisticated black and grey, but the rose gold details make every element fresh and exciting.
IDEAS Boutique Events launch party

It is a really convenient way for an event planning agency to start its business with organising a party. 
For this party we designed invitations, notebooks and a special IDEAS magazine as presents for the guests. 
Graphic design: Diana Ghyczy
Copywriting: Nora Lugosi
Prints: Absoloot 
Photos: Katalin Kovacs

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