Pack&Go – Card Game Illustration for Air France – KLM Group

The Air France – KLM airline had a brilliant idea to delight their passengers with a custom-designed card game called Pack&Go. This unique game comes with rules that make it easy to play while on the plane traveling to selected destinations, either alone or with friends and family.

Renáta Pócsi and her colleagues conceived this idea. The concept gained popularity in KLM offices in other countries, prompting them to place orders. Eventually, the product became a hit worldwide.

Renáta enlisted the help of the talented and creative teacher, Máte Lencse, who specializes in games for kids, to develop the rules. Additionally, she approached Studio Ant Works to make the design for the card game.

We had the challenge of drawing nearly twenty different destinations (e.g., New York, Curaçao, Toronto, Tokyo, Stockholm, etc.) of the airline, along with sixty objects you pack into your luggage when traveling (e.g., clothes, shoes, notebook, chargers, tablet, sunglasses, etc).

However, there were a couple of complications:

  • The cards are only 8×8 cm, making it easy to handle during play, but challenging to add many details, especially recognizable cities.
  • The color scheme presented another challenge. KLM has a strict design guideline manual with two primary colors (dark blue and vivid orange) and some secondary ones (light blue, grey, and white). We had to incorporate these colors as much as possible in each illustration to maintain the KLM look for cities and objects.

Below, you can see some cards and details, though not everything. Perhaps you’ll get one of the 5000 printed copies during your travels with KLM.

Founder: Pócsi Renáta – KLM

Rules: Lencse Máté

Design: Ghyczy Dia, Perneczki Dorka and Máté Dani – Studio Ant Works

Photos: Lugosi Nóra and Ghyczy Dia