Kuglóf Cafe image and packaging design
The Kuglóf word means bundt cake in hungarian, which was a very popular dessert from the 1800's. It was baked in a metal form usually with raisins and cocoa. 
The Kuglóf café, bakery and kitchen is a cute place in the downtown of Budapest near the Danube. It's worth to taste their home made cakes, whenever you want, because It's open from breakfast till dinner. 
What I liked in this task that the customer asked me to grab the mood about Cafe. So this is how came the idea to draw a couple, who spend their breakfast and their dinner in Kuglóf as well. 
I made packaging for their own creams, pastries and of course for my favourite one: the bundt cake.
Photos: Dorka Meleg
Special thanks for Irén, Renátó, Nóri and Kati

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