Kvaszinger Relique premium aszú wine packaging

The year 2016 was a promising, fine vintage for Kvaszinger winery. The grapes did their best by turning into beautiful aszú berries in Tokaj. The combination of fortunate weather, traditional wine making process known from Tokaj area and the two years maturing in barrels has given Relique's exceptional flavours. Along with its fruity aszú and mineral base, it has a distinct acidy structure, an elegant, complex and rich wine. Still a young Tokaj wine, but with great potential and a long development phase. We recommend it as an aperitif with goose liver, blue cheeses, fruits and cakes.
The brief was to make a clean design that was different from the original brand image. The repositioned product targeted the 30s to 40s instead of the retirement age. The new name, Relique also reinforces repositioning.

So we made a completely different design, such as the well-known packaging of aszú wines, while maintaining the elegance of quality drinks. We used thin and modern font, paired with the hand-drawn Bodrog river, creating a harmony between the modern and the classic style. We used black and a cheerful pink on a strong silver background. The silver box, like a relic, hides this extraordinarily high quality aszú.

Design: Studio Ant Works
Client: Kvaszinger Winery
Brand strategy: Lilla Ocskay and Donát Ertsey
Graphic designers: Dia Ghyczy and Dani Máté

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