Mártogatós rebrand and website

‘Mártogatós’ is a successful hungarian catering brand, freshly delivering healthy dips, vegetables, salads and other munchies to home, to the workplace or even to events. In 2019 they brief us to redesign the visual brand we designed previously and to develop an all new website for them.

During the process, our goal was to keep the fundamentals of the original visual identity but make it more color and joyful as well as to add visuals to all their newly developed products and services. In line with this, we redrow the logotyp in a more elegant but playful vibe, developed a new vibrant color scheme for the identity, and completed it with a new set of pictograms to complement the broad and ever developing services of the ‘Mártogatós’ brand.

We developed the complex website hand in hand with a UX and a developer team. Well usability and variability were the key priorities of the design. We designed three distinctive user experiences for ‘Mártogatós’ three key services (delivery for the home and workspace as well as for events) but keep the feel and visuality in line with main identity.

Also we updated the package design with the new typography, pictograms and vibrant colors to create a whole package for this lovely brand.

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