"Pöti Kávé" specialty coffee shop branding

"Pöti Kávé" is a freshly opened specialty coffee shop, operating at the heart of Dunakeszi, 40 km north of Budapest. Bálint Juhász is running this small but professional coffee shop, a first of its kind in this small city.
Bálint asked us to create the visual identity of this lovely brand. The brief was to create a down-to-earth and cheeky design to match the brands' name. "Pöti" means tiny in Hungarian, a nod to the small size of the shop.
We followed this lead in the visuals and designed a hand-drawn and friendly logotype combined with vibrant and cheerful colors. With the help of Bálint, we created a set of funky characters to complement the logotype. These coffee-loving fun creatures depict certain types of caffeine lovers, cake munchers, drip coffee enthusiasts, and casual latte enjoyers. These characters are all over the place in cards and interior decorations.
We loved to work with Bálint to create this fun and kind visual identity for this equally cute little coffee shop.

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