Skizo wine label family
Balazs Sike produces the Skizo wine label family in Badacsony, Hungary. It's a young brand, only six years old, but Balázs has a big experience in wine producing as he is working at a large winery for many years. He wanted to start his own brand but with a different, small scale approach. Having been workin for a large wine manufacturer but at the same time planning to make a small, limited wine brand by his own put him in a schizoid situation. Hence the name SKIZO. The slogan is the following (from Daniel Csirke copywriter's mind): Skizo. With individuality. More than one.

My task was to show this kind of multiple personalities with using the hand symbol. I chose two colors for every selections of wine, which is close to that taste and the feeling.
Find Skizo here:
Photos: Katalin Kovacs

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