Smallies microgreens

Micrograsses are not only pretty and healthy, but their production technology can also provide a solution to the problems of traditional agriculture, such as the depletion of arable land, or the growing food shortage. Microgreens are grown indoors on trays stacked on top of each other, hence the term ‘vertical farming.’ 
Sára and Zoli lived ten years in Wales, then 
they decided to move back into their hometown, Szentes, and start their own business, called Smallies. 
These were the buzzwords we kept in mind during the design: simple, straightforward, clear, yet vibrant. The logo design is a bit cute, as the name also. Each flavour was given a number from 10 to 99, which makes it easier to identify the products. The colors refer to color combinations of vegetables - from peas to beets. 

Smallies: Sára and Zoli
Photography: Andras Zoltai
Food stylist: Panka Milutinovits (Hello Garlic!)
Graphic designer: Dániel Máté
Art director: Dia Ghyczy (Studio Ant Works) and Áron Zsigmond (Verde Oro)

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