Vikár and Lukács Architect Studio brand identity and website

The founders of the Vikár and Lukács Architect Studio are the unavoidable figures of the Hungarian architectural scene.

The company - which founded in 1991 - is specialized for residential, public, and office buildings. To this day, they believe that what they do together is better than what they would achieve separately. Architectural standards and quality are essential to them, spiced up with the interests of the customer.

It was a great challenge for us to design the company's brand identity and website. First, to translate their architectural philosophy into a visual language, second to find the perfect solution to present their buildings.
One of the most important request was to show István Lukács and András Vikár as totally equal partners in the logo. We used the same shape for the L and V letters, which constructed into a cube form. Besides, we chose two direct colors for the founders: a sharp blue and a fresh green.

The website is basically a portfolio site. We focused on the simple and clear design and a user-friendly structure. It was important to design the site in a way that their customers easily find what is essential for them about the company.

We love the result of working together with András and István, and also proud to have been able to work on such a large-scale project.

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