Animated Spirits

USA - Japan

Animated Spirits was a cinematic celebration showcasing Eastern European animations in 2018. The festival debuted in New York and later graced Tokyo with its presence. Exploring this grateful theme was truly exhilarating, as it provided a canvas to unleash our creative imaginations. The visual concept embraced vibrant colors, whimsical figures, and a texture reminiscent of an intestine subtly running in the background. Despite the seemingly disparate elements in content, they harmoniously complemented each other in a visually captivating manner. Notably, the image clinched the gold award in the 2019 Hungarian RGB design competition.

Client: Animated Spirits – Zita Vadasz
Design: Studio Ant Works – Dia Ghyczy
Animation: Laszlo Ess and Zoltan Tarjan
Photography: Daniel Halasz