Tesz-Vesz Kindergarten


We designed a new logo, wall decoration, and signage system for the new building unit of a downtown kindergarten.
Located in an UNESCO world heritage building, the 160 square meter new section serves various functions, including the creation 
of the new main entrance for the kindergarten.
During the design process, our primary goal was to create a friendly and homely environment for the children arriving at the kindergarten, guiding them and the accompanying adults through the daily ritual of arrival and farewell.
We envisioned a clean, inviting visual world where children can easily recognize themselves, and the joy of a fairy-tale world interwoven with everyday kindergarten life is palpable. In terms of style, we employed simple design elements alongside cheerful and clear color combinations for illustrations depicting children and their animal friends.
The logo features four animals representing the four classrooms, intentionally depicted in a ghost-like manner – their bodies are not fully drawn, encouraging children to use their imagination to complete them.
The signage system was designed to be user-friendly for both children and adults. Communicating with drawings and signs at the eye level of the children, the classic inscriptions and informational boards are well separated but harmonize with the visual environment.
The logo, signage system, and wall decoration/mural work seamlessly with the graphics on the facade, blending pleasantly into the cityscape yet highlighting the entrance of the kindergarten.

Client: Tesz-Vesz Óvoda
Design strategy: Studio Ant Works – Dorka Meleg, Andi Kulcsar, Dia Ghyczy
Graphic design: Dia Ghyczy (Studio Ant Works)
Service design: Andi Kulcsar (Studio Ant Works)
Product design: Dorka Meleg (Studio Ant Works)
Wall painting: Fülöp-Ferth Timi
Photography: Andras Zoltai​​​​​​​​​​​​​​