Bomiz Deli



If a brand is built on a strong personality, it can always stand on very sturdy foundations. When planning this delicacy, I also had to consider that Lilla, the owner of the establishment, desired to name the place after her best friend, Bomi. 
Consequently, the entire brand was constructed around the theme of a cute dog. The uniqueness of the place lies in its offering of not only fantastic breakfasts and lunches but also exclusive deli products sourced solely from Hungarian producers. The delicacies are curated with exceptional taste, evident both on the shelves and in the menu.
My task was to create a highly personalized brand. We opted for pastel colors complemented by gold and turquoise, which are consistently featured throughout the visual identity. Additionally, numerous illustrations enhance the brand’s directness, appearing on-site, on the website, and across various social media platforms.

Client: Bomiz Deli – Lilla Varsanyi
Design: Studio Ant Works – Dia Ghyczy
Social media, copywriting: Julia Szego
Photography: Andras Zoltai