Hungarian University of Sport Science


Approaching its centennial milestone, the University of Sport Science embarked on a transformative journey, seeking a fresh image and management system. In 2022, our collaborative team secured the opportunity to redefine this esteemed institution, a hub for sports sciences education in Budapest with a diverse student body.

Over the course of nearly a year, we meticulously reimagined the university’s identity. The new logo is a tribute to its rich history, featuring elements like the laurel wreath, the iconic main entrance of the century-old building, the university’s historic nickname, and the year of its establishment. Vibrant colors, crisp typography, and innovative renditions of the logo, cut in various styles, rounded out the refreshed visual identity.

Beyond aesthetics, we faced the intriguing challenge of devising a navigation system for the complex university premises. Navigating the intricacies of the building layout, we ensured a user-friendly system that guided everyone to their destinations. Departing from conventional methods, hall markings became bold and distinctive: oversized orange spots proudly display the names of halls, each named after past Olympic events.

This undertaking proved to be a delightful and multifaceted endeavor, leaving an indelible mark on the University of Physical Education as it strides into its next century of excellence.

Client: Hungarian University of Sport Science
Strategy: Studio Ant Works – Ghyczy Dia, Verde Oro – Zsigmond Áron
Graphic design: Ghyczy Dia
Production: Image Studio – Horváth Gergely
UX: Impact Communication – Blahó László, Takács Dorottya
Photography: Balogh Mária