Linda Holdampf


Meet Linda, the Hungarian stylist, TV personality, and influencer who entrusted us with the task of crafting the perfect visual identity for her stylist brand. Understanding the deeply personal nature of Linda’s brand, we embarked on a design journey that harmoniously reflects her unique style.
At the heart of Linda’s brand is an exquisite logotype, carefully curated to blend boldness and sophistication. We married a striking sans-serif Didone font with a delicately extended handwritten script, resulting in a logo that exudes both elegance and playfulness.
To complement Linda’s refined yet playful aesthetic, we delved into the realm of vibrant patterns. These lively and colorful designs, abstract in nature, mirror the eclectic stylings that define Linda’s approach. Utilizing bold hues, diverse visual styles, and textured elements, these patterns bring her distinctive flair to life.
The culmination of our creative endeavor unfolds in tangible forms—business cards, cloth tags, and gift cards. Each piece is meticulously silkscreen printed on luxuriously thick, smooth white paper in vivid shades of pink and deep red. The daring imagery seamlessly intertwines with the elegant logotype, resulting in a visually bold yet harmoniously balanced identity that captures the essence of Linda’s unique style.

Client: Linda Holdampf stylist
Design: Studio Ant Works – Dia Ghyczy and Daniel Mate
Photography: Daniel Mate