Project Fillet


Since 2014, the Konyhakör (Circle of Kitchen) has been curating unforgettable pop-up dinners, venturing into new locations with each event. Their commitment to culinary excellence shines through in every gathering, as each concept revolves around the artistry of different chefs. No two occasions are ever the same.
The challenging times of the pandemic posed a unique obstacle for them, hindering their ability to organise in-person gatherings. Undeterred, they were determined to bring the cherished gastronomic experiences directly with home delivery, a delectable fusion of convenience and culinary delight.
In designing Project Fillet, I embraced a philosophy of simplicity, speed, and cleanliness. My aim was to create an experience that captivates with its effortless charm and swift efficiency. Every element reflects the commitment to delivering a seamless and delightful culinary journey to your doorstep.

Packaging design: Diana Ghyczy – Studio Ant Works
Photography: Mark Viszlay