Smallies Microgreens: A Fresh Approach to Farming

Smallies brings you microgreens – tiny, tasty, and good for you. These little greens are not just nice to look at; they also help solve big problems in farming, like not having enough land and not enough food.
Sára and Zoli, who lived in Wales for ten years, decided to start Smallies when they came back to their hometown, Szentes.
Here’s what we kept in mind when designing Smallies: Keep it simple, clear, and fun. The logo and name are a bit cute because, well, Smallies is a cute name! Each flavor got a number from 10 to 99 to make it easy to know which one is which. And the colors? They match the colors of veggies, from peas to beets.

Smallies: Sára and Zoli
Photography: Andras Zoltai
Food stylist: Panka Milutinovits (Hello Garlic!)
Graphic designer: Dániel Máté
Art director: Dia Ghyczy (Studio Ant Works) and Áron Zsigmond (Verde Oro)