Friss Hús


Rebranding The Friss Hús International Short Film Festival in Budapest

The 10th edition of The Friss Hús International Film Festival took place in 2022, and to mark this milestone, we were tasked with a comprehensive rebranding. Our objective was to infuse a fresh identity into the festival, moving away from the literal interpretation of „new meat,” which inspired its name.

In our pursuit of a distinctive symbol, we chose the lion. Not only is it a prominent symbol in Budapest, gracing the city’s coat of arms and the iconic Chain Bridge, but it also embodies the festival’s essence—a predator leaping to discover emerging talents.

The typography is a bespoke creation, featuring individually drawn letters, and its style resonates throughout the visual elements. We extended our design expertise to on-site materials, the website, a 100-page festival magazine, online advertising materials, certificates, and a dynamic logo animation.

Photography: Oláh Gergely Máté, Bálint Hirling
Art director: Diana Ghyczy Studio Ant Works
Graphic designer: Dániel Máté, Zoltán Bukovics
Animation: Bence Farkasinszki, MOME