Pöti Café


Nestled at the heart of Dunakeszi, just 40 km north of Budapest, „Pöti Kávé” is the latest gem to grace the local scene. This specialty coffee shop, a brainchild of the dedicated Bálint Juhász, stands as a testament to passion and professionalism in a city experiencing its first taste of a unique coffee haven.
Bálint approached us with a vision—to breathe life into the visual identity of this charming brand. The essence? Down-to-earth charm with a touch of cheekiness, perfectly mirroring the moniker „Pöti,” Hungarian for tiny, a playful nod to the shop’s snug dimensions.
In response, we crafted a visual experience rooted in warmth and playfulness. A hand-drawn, amiable logotype dances alongside vibrant, cheerful colors, setting the stage for a unique coffee adventure. Collaborating closely with Bálint, we birthed a cast of quirky characters, each a celebration of the diverse coffee enthusiasts who find solace within „Pöti Kávé.”
From the caffeine connoisseur to the cake aficionado, the drip coffee devotee to the casual latte sipper—these whimsical characters come to life on cards and adorn the shop’s interior, adding an extra sprinkle of charm to every corner.
Working alongside Bálint was a joy, and together we birthed a visual identity as delightful as the coffee it represents. „Pöti Kávé” stands not just as a coffee shop but as a canvas of fun and kindness, inviting patrons to savor the unique charm of this equally endearing little coffee haven.

Client: Pöti Café – Balint Juhasz
Graphic design: Studio Ant Works – Dia Ghyczy and Daniel Mate
Phorography: Daniel Mate